special features of the VATIO glass cleaner

special features of the VARIO glass cleaner

The microfever PADs have a length of about 36 cm, that is, 2 cm longer than the VARIO glass cleaner.

With this extra cm on each side, the lateral parts of the window marks are cleaned.

The glass wiper is 34 cm long but the rubber lip is 35 cm.

This is done deliberately as there are 5mm on the two side ends that protect the window markings from scratches and at the same time remove water from them.

There is velcro loop on the cloths and 100% waterproof adhesive velcro hook on the head of the VARIO

Velceo loop and adhesive hook with 48 mm width available loose in the ahop

options for accessories

By inserting the nozzle KIT you can clean surfaces at height - inside and outside

The directions of the nozzles are individually adjustable up to about 20 degrees, there are spray and full jet nozzles.

KIT of nozzles for wetting or spraying
KIT of nozzles for wetting or spraying

....integrated into this KIT is a valve to regulate or stop the flow of water.

Will adapt all types of telescopic handle without or with unscrewed handle