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Because of its versatility, the DUO is now called VARIO

We are still looking for sales partners for our window wiper "VARIO" - (dealer)
-good conditions!

Contact: manfredmobilosmo@gmail.com

Mobilosmo glas cleaner VARIO

Mobilosmo VARIO - the pad side

Polypropylene monoblock
Polypropylene monoblock

how to mount VARIO?

contract and adjust the rubber, screw the handle - done
contract and adjust the rubber, screw the handle - done

The Mobilosmo VARIO enables multifunctional use thanks to its excellent design:

Squeegee - washer - sprayer - a real "3 in 1" - incomparable.

This means you can complete all tasks perfectly and much faster!

Technical details and possible uses

  • Length: currently only available in 340mm
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Handle: ergonomic + unscrewable
  • Rubber lip: professional and replaceable
  • Washing part: fixed with Velcro hook 100% waterproof
  • Weight: 179 grams incl. PAD

Window cleaning

  • Professional use: yes
  • Suitable for households: yes
  • Use for cleaning agents: yes
  • Use for osmosis water: yes

Surface cleaning

  • Marble, granite, plastic, glass, tiles
  • Nozzle KIT: optional
  • Can be combined with any telescopic rod

Mobilosmo VARIO
This is how it is delivered - with three pads

the delivery of a VARIO
the delivery of a VARIO

Mobilosmo VARIO - the rubber side

the rubber of about 58 shore
the rubber of about 58 shore

Mobilosmo VARIO adjustable extension